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Welcome to the homepage of Pedro Alves – GDB maintainer, software developer, electronics engineer, songwriter, guitar player, runner, husband, father.

Hi there!  I’m the one and only Pedro Alves.  Well, really just one of them…  If you’re looking for the soccer player, the comedian, or the jewelry maker, you got the wrong one, sorry.  My name is unfortunately very common. If you ask mom, she’ll tell you I’m special though 🙂 . In case you got the right Pedro, and you’re trying to reach me, see the contacts page.

You can read some of my random ramblings in my blog.  My Google+ page is here.

I’m a software developer by profession, electronics engineer by degree.  My main work revolves around toolchain development, focusing on debugging technology.  I’m a GDB (GNU Debugger) maintainer and active contributor.  My resume is found in my LinkedIn profile.  Here’s my ohloh/openhub profile.  And here’s my github account.

Outside work, I have a few hobbies.

I’m the main songwriter and lead guitar player in the band called Frozen Diet Popcorns.  You can find more info about it at  We also have an YouTube channel here, where you can check out some of our tunes and live performances.

I enjoy running and working out and I find the human body and all things nutrition-, metabolism- and exercise-science fascinating.  Like so many out there, I got hooked after realizing I was steadily marching towards morbid obesity and all its dangers.   I want to grow old and see my kids grow up.  And I want to play with them while at it.

I once noticed my neighbour’s fig tree that was throwing branches into our land puts out some quite tasty fruit.  Hey, they were on our side!  ;-).  I decided I wanted to grow our own trees, and ended up growing a love for growing things.  I then got interested in permaculture, and would love to some day create my own food forest.